Joint Venture with Europlaw

Ithuba Savings Credit Corp Limited representing ISCC Group, conducting business mainly in Indonesia and Germany

agreed to enter into a formal mutual business collaboration of appointing Europlaw Group as its legal and accounting team for their group of companies internationally with footprint from banking to the oil and gas industry. Europlaw Group Incorporated is a member of The International Association of Lawyers situated in Paris, France.

14 May 2018 marked a significant milestone for the collaboration of the group. On this day, Ithuba Savings Credit Corp Ltd representing ISCC Group, Europlaw Group Incorporated and Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd (a member International Association of Accounting Professionals – IAAP), situated in London, UK) entered into a strategic Joint Venture agreement which was signed in Jakarta, Indonesia. ISCC Group believes that Europlaw Group is the correct strategic legal and accounting team to provide the required legal and accounting services for ISCC Group of companies including the forthcoming launch of ISC Bank on 17 – 21 July 2018 in Pforzheim, Germany – this makes the partnership solid and viable for the future.